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We all aim for healthy, glowing body skin. Luckily, the current beauty industry offers a diversity of options to rejuvenate your skin – both in-office and home. The latest trend in the beauty world is a dry body brush. This practice is believed to eliminate toxins and dead skin cells in order to promote younger-looking skin. But is dry body brushing worth the hype? Here is a quick guide on everything you need to know about this beauty tendency.

What kind of brush to use for dry body brushing

The truth is that the best dry body brush is a firm and bristled one. You will want to opt for a bath or shower brush with harsh natural bristles. The stiffness generally depends on your skin sensitivity. Besides, look for a brush with a long handle, allowing you to process hard-to-reach body areas, like your back.

How to use a dry body brush?

A dry body brush is just as it sounds – dry. You don’t need to use it with water in a bath or shower while performing a dry body massage would be best before body cleansing. The practice starts with gentle weeping on your feet, ankles, and legs, moving upward on the limbs. Then, massage your thighs, back, and torso with soft circular motions, and move to the neck and arms. Please don’t repeat dry massage on sensitive body areas for too long, as you risk irritating the skin. When you are done, go to a shower.

How to dry brush body for lymph?

The lymphatic system works to help the body resist infections by filtering the fluid flows with lymph nodes. At the same time, a dry brush for body aims to promote better toxin elimination via sweat and opened skin pores. As a result, the more the body sweat, the fewer toxins a lymphatic system needs to pass through. Repeat the mentioned simple techniques to achieve excellent lymphatic drainage.

When to dry brush body?

The best time for a body brush for dry brushing is before a shower or bath, allowing you to wash off dead skin cells and dry patches after a dry massage. Remember to apply moisturizing cream or lotion to hydrate the skin.

What are the dry body brush benefits?

The primary dry body brush benefits include skin exfoliation, circulation improvement, lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction, skin tightening and smoothing, relief from stress, etc.

How often should you dry brush your body?

Even though it is generally safe to do dry massage daily, you probably don’t want to end up with over-brush, irritated skin. A weekly dry body brush is enough to see promising results if you aim for smoother, glowing skin, better circulation, and less prominent cellulite.

Where to buy a dry body brush?

A durable dry body brush is crucial for an efficient dry massage. You will want to do your own research on the Internet in terms of good, natural-bristled eco tools dry body brush. Don’t forget to get familiar with customer reviews to choose the best option.