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Inside Cocoon

Our Story

Cocoon Wellness Spa and Cocoon Wellness Shop was founded from the vision to give clients the best skin and health at any age, at an affordable price. Our holistic view on aesthetic, wellness and aging led us to create quality products, that will deliver the best solution for your symptoms and skin problems. Your results are better AND they last longer.

We have been in the anti aging business since 2012, with medical and wellness spas across different continents, including Bali, Bahrain, Maldives, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Milan.

Our products are made in Spain, registered in the EU, and include active, anti aging ingredients to give visible results. The product treats a range of skin problems, including wrinkles and aging, pigmentation, dryness and conditioning and texture.

Cocoon’s expertise is in treating the whole person, from the inside out.
At Cocoon, we believe that aging can be beautiful. Embrace your age and get your best skin EVER.

Cocoon is about believing your best days are ahead and wanting to feel and look your best to enjoy the days.
Cocoon is about committing to look and feel your best, which is saying yes to living the life of our dreams.
Cocoon is about change, transformation, not only the aesthetic physical, but in wellness, energy, and most importantly: joie de vivre.

In 2012, in Melbourne, Australia, with 2 small toddler sons, I came with the vision of a wellness and medical centre that was the true meaning of holistic: treating the whole person on the inside and out. For the 8 years prior, I owned a plastic surgery company, and I was disillusioned of the constant superficial focus on only aesthetic no matter how healthy a patient was or wasn´t. This did not fit well for me and I wanted to create a centre where health and wellness would be just as important as aesthetic skin treatments.

My vision was to create a brand that would disrupt the industry of aesthetics, that would combine both the inner health programs of detox, nutrition, weight loss, balancing hormones and holistic therapies together with aesthetic and skin care.

The name Cocoon came to me instantly, no other name could so perfectly match my vision.

Cocoon is about starting again at any age, rising from life challenges and circumstances and putting your health, skin and wellbeing first to be the best version of yourself.

Over the years, guided by this vision, we have built 5 spa centres, with an amazing team of professional medical doctors and nurses, therapists and support staff. In the first years we won many awards around the world, but more importantly than this, we had a beautiful team and had many fun years.

But life is not all roses and continued success. Fast forward to some of the worst years in my life with a double whammy of breast cancer and the pandemic closing borders, shutting down business. Time was not guaranteed anymore, and all I learnt was that I had to focus more of what I love. Nothing is more important than our health, and this cannot be taken for granted. From this experience and self growth through the worst of times, I built a range of products that were results focused, that would deliver real benefits for wellness, detox, weight loss, anti aging and skin health.

When asked about what Cocoon does, I answer that we are in the business of making our clients look and feel good, at any age.

One of our most important company values is that wellness should not be a luxury commodity, so all our products are crafted with high quality, active effective ingredients, at an affordable price.

We hope you love your products and see you at one of our spas!

Louise Cogan
Cocoon Medical Spa, Cocoon Wellness Spa, Cocoon Wellness Shop

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The vision of Cocoon was simple – to create the most successful professional brand of wellness spas, measured by consistent excellent feedback of our clients, a high repeat and referral rate, and a supportive and passionate team environment. All decisions on products, treatments and therapies centre around 1 goal: to be results-oriented, to give our clients the best value. Cocoon Medical Spa was opened in 2 locations in January 2013 in Seminyak and Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. In 2016, 2 spas were opened on islands in the Maldives, partnering with the luxury 5 star Anantara brand.

  • Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
  • Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  • Maldives
  • Milan, Italy
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain 
  • Barcelona, Spain


Objectives Of Cocoon Wellness Spa

To be a world leading brand in wellness spas that offer clients high quality, innovative wellness treatments that are targeted to specific health problems. We want all our clients to achieve their health goals and feel the best in energy and health and be disease-free.

Create exceptional value at all times, innovative treatments, excellent quality, professional staff, comfortable and inspiring environment.
Provide clients with an unforgettable experience that is professional, warm and friendly with “surprise and delight” factors that they remember, return and refer again and again.
Creating a nurturing, motivated, passionate, and loyal team spirit by hiring the right people, training, and mentoring them and providing incentives that will lead them to deliver exceptional service, and touch the heart and soul of our clients.

The Importance of Wellness

Stressful lifestyles, quality of food, pollution, and skin exposure to chemicals are causing modern-age problems like premature hair loss, early aging, skin problems, and obesity.

Growing trend of health and fitness culture, changing lifestyles, higher adoption of skincare solutions and full-body treatments are expected to increase the global medical spa market’s growth.

Rising level of stress are creating the need for vacations to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind. Wellness packages offered by hotels and resorts, medical tourism, and increased per-capita disposable income are propelling the global medical spa sector’s growth.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our products have been created with the highest quality ingredients, in formulas that are scientifically backed to be results based, high performance, to achieve skin and wellness goals.

Everything has been chosen and formulated to bring the best for the skin and wellness. They are non toxic, active botantical and mineral components in the ingredients. All ingredients are vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic.

All our skincare and nutritional products are developed, formulated and manufactured in the EU and UK. European scientists have formulated the best ingredients and tested them thoroughly, including a full assessment and stability test on every product. All products are registered in the EU or UK.