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A skin roller for face is a favorite beauty tool in the skincare routine of many girls. Commonly made from stones, such as jade or rose quartz, this tool is ideal for eliminating face puffiness and relieving inflammation. That’s why a face massage with a roller is especially appreciated in the mornings. Believe it or not, the technique of using stones for maintaining skin health originated in ancient times, and only over recent years, this practice has gained tremendous popularity. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the primary benefits of a face roller.

What is face rolling?

A face massager is usually a tool with rollers at each end, which multiple beauties use to roll the facial skin. Even though rollers made from rose quartz and jade are most common, amethyst and stainless steel are no less prevalent. Face rolling ensures immediate improvements in skin appearance; however, the effects aren’t permanent. A 5-minute face massage with the Cocoon Therapeutic Accupressure Roller provides results for several hours after practice. You will likely see better skin tone and improved texture.

What are the benefits of a face roller?

1.     Better lymphatic drainage

A lymphatic system in the human body is responsible for toxin and unwanted bacteria elimination. If you want to enhance the lymphatic flow, look no further than a face massager that works by rolling the skin in a specific direction.

2.     Reduced face puffiness

One of the promising face massage roller benefits is decreased face puffiness. Generally, it can eliminate under-eye bags and reduce face swelling by intensifying lymphatic drainage.

3.     Improved blood circulation

Better blood circulation is another benefit of face roller. Incorporating a face massager into your skincare ritual can stimulate the blood flow in your face, resulting in a brighter skin appearance.

4.     Tightened skin

Some researchers link skin tightening with a face roller benefit. The reason is that a 2017 study concluded that a 1-minute facial massage twice a day increases protein levels in the skin after ten days of use. Improved wrinkle appearance is also among the benefits of using a face roller.

5.     Soothed skin

Many love to store a face roller in a refrigerator to get the pleasing calming effect while massaging. Therefore, cooling properties can also be related to the benefits of face massage roller.

How to use face massager roller?

Awareness of some rules for using a face massager is crucial to ensure an efficient practice. Remember that this tool works better on a freshly cleaned face, so start a massage by washing your facial skin. Then, apply massage oil or serum. Grab a face roller from a fridge and start gently rolling your face outwards from the middle of your face. The direction actually matters – move upward when processing your neck and jawline, and roll away from your eyes to eliminate puffiness. One more important thing – please avoid back and forth movements, as they won’t enhance the blood flow. When you repeat these actions for at least five minutes, clean your roller with rubbing alcohol to kill all the bacteria, and you are done.