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  • Original price was: €307.00.Current price is: €230.25.

    Cocoon´s Cell Restore Anti-Aging Facial Kit incorporates the best of the best products specifically designed for skin 50 years +.

    Super hero ingredients including Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides for complete hydration and nourishment.

  • Original price was: €223.00.Current price is: €143.00.

    A dream team of powerful clinical based anti aging products

    Buy the package and get a FREE LED Mask!

    Your best skin ever! With powerful and active ingredients, for softness and hydration.
    Reverse and repair aging cells. Deeply hydrate. Reduce pigmentation. Improve and smooth the skin texture and tone.

  • Original price was: €123.00.Current price is: €92.25.

    Take care of your beautiful body with these gorgeous natural oils and serums.
    Slim+Shape cream is a sophisticated moisturiser that is designed to reduce cellulite and repair stretch marks.
    All-in-one Superfood is a beautiful cocktail of delicious natural oils that all your dry parts of your body will love.
    Copper body brush will remove all the dead cells and improve your skin circulation to reduce cellulite and improve tone and texture.

  • Original price was: €147.00.Current price is: €110.25.

    This kit contains 3 beautiful products for all skin types and any ages. Apply day and/or night, the products are versatile for those who want a no fuss routine, with only the best products, the best ingredients.
    Retinol to repair damaged cells, Hyaluronic Acid for deep hydration and Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF) to increase cellular turnover for renewed skin.

  • Original price was: €187.00.Current price is: €140.25.

    Reveal a radiant glow with this skin kit of 2 amazing skin products together with a home care LED red light enlightenment mask.

    The products work in combination, using the Skin Elixir EGF serum and Dream Skin Xtreme Cream moisturiser together with the LED red light mask to reveal a smooth and radiant complexion.

  • Original price was: €75.00.Current price is: €50.00.

    Reduce stubborn cellulite, improve the tone and texture with our Silky Skin Body Package:

    • Slim+Shape Body Cellulite cream
    • Copper dry body brush
  • Original price was: €109.00.Current price is: €100.00.

    A dreamy duo, with two products with powerful ingredients, for daily use.

    Package include:

    • Supercharge Skin – DNA Copper Peptides
    • Dream Skin Xtreme Cream
  • Original price was: €107.00.Current price is: €92.00.

    Get a dewy glow for your wedding day with this package of powerful skin products.

    Look and feel your best ever for the most important day of your life.

    • Gold Beauty Booster Superfood
    • EGF Skin Elixir

    Promo: Get a free gold storage container!


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