Beautiful Trio Body Care Kit
Original price was: €123.00.Current price is: €92.25.
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Beautiful Trio Body Care Kit

Original price was: €123.00.Current price is: €92.25.

Take care of your beautiful body with these gorgeous natural oils and serums.
Slim+Shape cream is a sophisticated moisturiser that is designed to reduce cellulite and repair stretch marks.
All-in-one Superfood is a beautiful cocktail of delicious natural oils that all your dry parts of your body will love.
Copper body brush will remove all the dead cells and improve your skin circulation to reduce cellulite and improve tone and texture.


Three delicious body ingredients, formulated in a skin lab in Spain, using only the highest ingredients to renew and repair cells and improve elasticity.

Slim+Shape Cream – Firmer skin tone is achieved by metabolites that due to its contents on molecular material, stimulates the muscle tissue cells. This helps to improves muscle tone by increasing the release of fatty acids in the skin – enhancing the muscle fibers in the body by activating the muscles of the skin.

All-in-one superfood – Contains 98% organically sourced bioactive fruit and seed oils, including fermented Green Tea, Argan oil, Marula, Liquorice, Lemongrass, and Sweet Almond oil. Can be used on all areas of the body and hair, not just the face!

Copper Body Brush – Cocoon’s natural bristle body brush is made of copper that is proven to counteract the damaging physical effects from technology, releasing electrical ions to create a neutralising effect.


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