Dream Skin Xtreme Cream
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Dream Skin Xtreme Cream

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Renews. Replenishes. Hydrates.

Collagen biosynthesis for skin firming and relaxing wrinkles, nourishing and improving elasticity.

A deeply nourishing cream that activates collagen together with placenta stem cells.

Xtreme Cream is formulated with naturally-derived high powered ingredients to tackle the most common skin problems, to repair and rejuvenated skin cells and stress-induced skin damage.

The active ingredient – Placenta – revitalizes and purifies skin damage, by regenerating the epidermis, nourishing and repairing skin damage caused by the sun, acne breakouts and other environmental factors. It repairs weak and damage cells, energises and hydrates all the layers of the skin.

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Dream Skin Xtreme Cream – Collagen & hydration booster.

Stimulation of Collagen (type I) biosynthesis, maintaining a higher energy level after UV irradiation.

Stimulates DNA repair in skin models and epidermal stem cells. Reduction of apoptotic cells (a cell process as a result of cell damage activates a cascade of molecular events that culminate in the total disintegration of the cell). Reduction of skin redness after UV irradiation.

Strongly increases tolerance against UV light after a 1-week pre-treatment. Increase in skin smoothness. Improvement of skin elasticity / Increase in skin firmness. Reduction of wrinkle depth.

Active ingredients: Phytoplacenta Extract, Avena Sativa Kernel Extract, Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Glycoproteins. Natural with BIO ingredients. Vegan

Morning and in the evening after cleansing, take a little moisturizer in your fingers and spread it gently over the face, neck, and décolletage in an upward motion.



🌱Phytoplacenta Extract
🍃Avena Sativa Kernel Extract
🌼linoleic Acid

🌳Natural with BIO ingredients


24 reviews for Dream Skin Xtreme Cream

    October 22, 2021
    At age 67 it works GREAT FOR ME! I was always told to stay away from oily everything! Well, I was so confused from my youth up about what and how to care for me, I ignored ALL regimens until Cocoon caught my eye. In the last four months after surgery, I lost about 50 lbs. so now I have loose, older, 67 yr old skin and I had no idea what to do. This "oil" is working on an already better looking and feeling better me as I utilize these products in tandem. Happy days are here for all ages can now look younger, fresher and feel it, too! Kathyray
    Cocoon Customer
    September 27, 2021
    Great for Dry Winter Air
    I'm obsessed with this. I'm 31, male, sensitive/thin and fair skinned. No this won't give you a facelift. That's what a Dr. Is for Karen. Yes, it's a cream under moisturizer booster out of the shower to lock in what you want to keep.
    5 people found this helpful
    Miss Allison Lewis
    September 20, 2021
    Excellent value - would buy again
    One person found this helpful
    September 20, 2021
    If you have dry skin even after applying a moisturizer, then this is the product for you!
    I was using a retinol and had skin that was so dry, it was flaking. I tried so many different moisturizers, but my skin would still be flaking 30 minutes after application. I was getting so frustrated because when I applied makeup on my dry skin - I was looking crazy! Anyway, my dermatologist recommended this line of skincare. Wow! What a difference. My skin used to feel tight after washing it. No more. My smooth, moist and supple skin is back y'all! Lol.
    5 people found this helpful
    September 13, 2021
    Love it - a little goes a long way!
    I love this stuff. Been using it about two weeks now as my daily PM moisturizer and occasionally as an AM moisturizer. I love it. My skin feels smoother and looks better already. It absorbs into your skin really nicely and doesn't feel heavy or greasy (unless you use too much).My only word of warning is that a little goes a LONG way. One pump gives you a tiny little blob, you do NOT need more. Tap little dots of it all around your face and then rub it in.
    5 people found this helpful
    September 7, 2021
    Great stuff. Not greasy. Great results
    Great stuff. Not greasy. I bought it cause I saw my cousins skin over the holidays. It looked so good that I had to compliment her. I asked her what she was using. She was glowing.
    One person found this helpful
    bought it
    August 26, 2021
    Good for sensitive skin
    effective and was recommended by beauty products reviewer experts. So far, no sensitivity and seems to be helping my fine lines: probably too late for the deeper lines but I’m not a young woman any more and don’t expect miracles! Lol. Love Cera Ve products. They don’t contain fragrance which is very bad for the skin. Wish more companies realized that.
    7 people found this helpful
    Lady Stardust
    August 24, 2021
    Magic sauce
    Using this before my moisturizer has improved the texture of my skin since I started using it about a month ago. Makes makeup go on smoother. Added bonus is I don’t feel like I have too wear much make up since my complexion has been so healthy.
    25 people found this helpful
    Cocoon Customer
    August 20, 2021
    Help ya dull mom skin
    If you have sad mom skin, this is for you. My skin changed a lot as I entered my 30’s and had my daughter. I couldn’t find anything to help relieve my blotchy, red and dry/dull skin. This has helped so much, I mix a half of squirt with my facial lotion.
    August 16, 2021
    Love this!
    No scent. Perfect for sensitive skin. Love the amount of moisture it provides. I prefer to use this product at night, since it does leave my skin a bit on the shiny side.
    August 4, 2021
    Me encanto
    Este gel junto con el toner de ácido glicolico y la crema de noche ósea los tres producto que recomienda la compañía Cera v me pueden creer que son lo máximo estoy esperando a alcanzar mi objetivo con ese trío de maravillosos producto y prometo hacer un video con el antiestrés y después solo lo he usado varios días y la diferencia en mi piel del rostro es asombrosaNo voy a comprar más ningún otro producto me quedo con todos los que tengo de Cera v y con las vitaminas que ayudan con el cuidado de la piel de la compañía BronsonMis resultados son asombrososGracias Amazon por la facilidad que me dieron de pasar horas y horas buscando en su página los producto y vitaminas que resolvieron mi gran preocupación
    July 21, 2021
    Great product great price
    I am an esthetician and I am surprised how in this price this product really works! My skin feels amazing after using this gel oil and I got even good feed back about my skin texture from my colleagues.
    Allison Harper
    June 15, 2021
    This product gives me a beautiful glow! It doesn't seem to clog pores or cause breakouts and I'm suseptible to breakouts.
    June 6, 2021
    Amazing stuff
    This gel is amazing. I'm a big fan of CeraVe products, and this is my favorite. I put it on right after a shower (with pat-dried skin), and it immediately prevents transdermal moisture loss. I noticed a big difference in hydration and overall appearance after the first use. I'm glad it's come down in price since I first bought it several months ago, because this is now a daily product for me. Also, I use tretinoin 20min after I use this gel, and it has prevented all of the negative side effects of the Rx (redness, peeling, etc).It does leave a slightly oily sheen on the skin, but that's easily corrected by going over the skin with oil absorbing sheets.
    summer jarnagin
    June 2, 2021
    Great for dry, sensitive skin.
    I love this product! This is my second bottle. Reasonably priced and just as effective as higher end brands. I have very dry and sensitive skin. It feels good on my skin and isn't irritating. I feel like it hydrates and pumps my skin. Better to use at bedtime, a little greasy for daytime, especially in warmer weather.
    May 25, 2021
    a little goes along way. it does a good job to renew skin
    I really like this renewal oil. it moisturizes perfectly, I little goes along way. maybe a pump and half. message until it is almost absorbed. keep away from your eyes as it can seep in.I recommend it. it has become one of my staples for skin care.
    May 9, 2021
    combines the best qualities of a gel and an oil, doesn't clog pores
    I have combination skin and am prone to clogged pores. I've had good luck with oils in the past, which is a bit counterintuitive but I think that oils breathe better than heavy creams or serums. I bought this gel oil on accident but I really love it. It takes the thicker, dryer consistency of a gel and combines the breathable hydration of an oil. The result is really nice glowing skin that doesn't feel slick. I do get a bit shiny at times but blotting tissues work well while keeping the hydration factor high. This is meant to be worn under your regular moisturizer, not instead of it.I'm totally hooked. Their eye cream is really nice too.Update: A friend of mine with really dry skin just tried it and she loves it too. We usually can't use the same products but something about this works for both of us.
    Jeanette West
    April 12, 2021
    Great product!
    Great product with Ceramides and Peptides!Will keep skin from becoming red andBlotchy. I have rosacea and this is the best product I have found to moisturize with
    Melisa LoveMelisa Love
    April 5, 2021
    Love it
    I haven't used many products on my face, usually just soap and an unscented moisturizer. I have had unpleasant reactions to almost anything else I have tried. I'm not 46 and notice my skin changing, it's dry, red and I am beginning to see the aging. I have been using this for a few weeks and see a very big difference. These pictures are 8 days apart.
    Maureen F.
    March 25, 2021
    I mix this with my p.m. CeraVe moisturizer.
    I am 81 years old and have very dry sensitive skin. The combination of this product with my CeraVe PM Moiisturizer gives me great hydration. It goes a long way and only takes a pea-sized amount.
    Sy F.
    March 24, 2021
    Calms rosacea flareups and moisturizes
    This fabulous product is perfect for my skin - I have mild rosacea. Not only does it calm my irritated skin, it soothes it, and helps it feel amazing. My skin glows like never before in 50 years. I'm ecstatic with this product. However, it is not lightweight. Be warned - it can be heavy, so go light in your application.
    Nick Madrid
    February 19, 2021
    Major Improvement With My Skin
    This product really improved my skin. It feels great and left my skin looking refreshed as well as more clear.
    Nicole Bryant
    February 16, 2021
    I love it
    I was looking for something to help moisturize my skin because after I wash my face and put on moisturizer my skin is still dry throughout the day. I switched over to the CeraVe hydration facial wash and purchased the anti-aging gel They work amazing together my skin never felt so good!
    3 people found this helpful
    January 6, 2021
    Cocoon serum
    I like all Cocoon products I have tried so far. This one included.It feels nice on skin and absorbs well.
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