Gold Immunity Booster Green Powder
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Gold Immunity Booster Green Powder

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Give your health a luxurious upgrade today! Cocoon’s Gold Immunity Booster Green Powder is a unique blend of 14 plant-based ingredients including herbs, superfoods and wholefoods known to support immune health. Our natural formula is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe cold and cough. GMO-free, no artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, and nuts.

Immunity Booster Powder

Our Gold Immunity Booster Powder is a plant-based, vegan powder supplement. It contains all the essential nutrients to boost the body’s natural defence system – immunity! Manufactured in the EU following strict GMP guidelines, we aim to provide the best blends of natural health supplements on the market to support you in maintaining your health and in achieving your goals.

Take daily to cleanse and alkalize your body. Helps to reduce inflammation and maintain optimum health and wellbeing.

Why You’ll Love it
Enjoy all the benefits of a daily serving of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and probiotics in one scoop! Our plant-based superfood ingredients will build your body’s natural defences and keep you feeling vital and energised.

Key Benefits
100% Natural. Vegan. GMO-free.
Made in the EU with certified ingredients.
Free from artificial preservatives, colours, additives, flavours, synthetic fillers, binders, gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, and nuts.
Money back guarantee.

How to Use
Take 2 scoop (approx 10ml) every morning in lukewarm water. Shake well (click here for our Gold Compact Storage & Shaker). The Gold Immunity Booster Powder is a dietary supplement product – please consult a health professional if you are taking any other medications/treatments and/or suffering from gastric issues. It is vegan and safe to be consumed by adults and seniors.

CAUTION: Pregnant or nursing mothers, children, and individuals with known medical conditions should consult a doctor before using of this or any food supplement. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


🍀 Organic Flaxseed powder 27.00%
🌱 Organic Baobab powder 22.00%
🍃 Organic Maca powder 17.00%
🍃 Organic Wheatgrass powder 12.00%
🌼 Organic Barley grass powder 10.00%
🌿 Organic Chlorella powder 5.00%
🌞 Organic Guarana powder 2.00%
🍃 Organic Matcha tea powder 2.00%
🍃 Organic Acai powder 2.00%
🍃 Probiotics 1.00 %



ORG MACA POWDER 17 1,7 1700

21 reviews for Gold Immunity Booster Green Powder

    Yvonne C
    October 27, 2021
    I wasn’t a fan but now I am
    Update: I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Long story short: KETO diet helped me lose weight and also gave me hypertension and high cholesterol. I was given the opportunity to lower my numbers on my own before being put on prescription meds... drinking one scoop a day has literally been my saving grace. Of course change in diet helps and adding this just makes it that much easier. Like I mentioned in the headline it’s not terrible but it’s also not super amazing either. I’m somewhere in the middle with this one
    October 7, 2021
    Great taste, feel healthy, lose weight
    f you use it consistently it will curb your cravings for sweets and help with feeling hungry all the time.I like that it isn’t a protein powder, per sé but a whole food supplement. There are. Vegetables in it that I wouldn’t go near otherwise!!!!
    7 people found this helpful
    Cocoon Customer
    October 1, 2021
    You've got to mix it with something, but finding your right combination is like hitting the jackpot.
    It took a little toying with the find the 'perfect' morning recipe with this, but I've just about nailed it! It tasted very 'green-y' up until then.Basically I mix this little green powder with some cold brew iced coffee, vanilla almond milk, and my favorite chocolate protein shake. I mix it in my blender to fully combine all the powders, then pour it over ice. It. Is. AMAZING.Definitely the best (and healthiest) breakfast pick-me-up shake I could have! The coffee cancels out the vague vegetable flavor (I know, I know -- it's a veggie powder. But still.) and the almond milk makes everything a little thicker than with just plain coffee. I'll definitely continue to buy this product and be drinking it every morning on my drive to work!
    62 people found this helpful
    September 20, 2021
    Perfect for what it is
    I’m pretty careful with my diet and make sure I get in the right nutrients through real food as much as I can. However, some days aren’t as healthy as others and that’s where this stuff comes in. Two or three times a week I add 8g of the original greens powder to a small amount of water, mix well and swallow as quickly as possible! It doesn’t taste amazing but it’s actually not that bad (and it’s not as bad as the smell suggests!). I took it with me on vacation last week and I’ve come back feeling a lot better than I sometimes do after a week of not exercising a lot and eating rich food.This isn’t some sort of miracle powder, it’s a supplement. You are better off getting the vitamins from real food, especially as real food will have a higher fibre content. But it does make a tangible difference if you’re looking to boost your vitamin and mineral intake. I’ve got a bit lax with my diet in the past and have started to notice hair falling out etc, but a week of this stuff sorts that out. I would definitely recommend having this in your kitchen if you’re looking to increase the healthiness of your diet.
    5 people found this helpful
    August 10, 2021
    May be placebo, but I'm feeling pretty energetic lately!
    I've never taken any kind of greens before, so this is a completely new thing for me. I have put 1 scoop into my smoothies each day for about 20 days so far. Something to note: this stuff is already sweet from the stevia, so if you're going to combine with protein powder, be careful (I use unsweetened protein powder and the final sweetness is the perfect amount for me). I don't really taste any green or grassy flavors due to the sweetness of the stevia. Flavor aside, I have to say that I have been feeling more energy on the days that I drink my smoothies. Is it placebo? Hard to say. I do my smoothies in a blender, so I can't really comment on the mix-ability of this stuff outside of that, but I've seen no problems when using the blender.
    7 people found this helpful
    August 8, 2021
    Uhhh, where'd my gray hair go?
    Not sure, but believe it is keeping my gray at bay -- I'm almost 52 now and a few years ago was starting to see gray hairs coming in on my head. After taking this stuff for a few years I don't see any gray hair on my head except in my beard -- take from that what you will, I'm not connected with this company in any way. My skin looks good as well, I don't use moisturizers or anything else. I don't know what other good it's doing for me, but those are good signs. It's a little chalky if you just mix it with water like I do but it tastes good if you get berry flavor -- the non-flavored tastes like lawn. Good additive to smoothies, shakes, etc.
    5 people found this helpful
    Samantha’s iPhone
    August 7, 2021
    Cuts bloating, tastes good for what it is
    The first few times I had it, I thought it was horrible tasting (like making faces bad), and it almost deterred me from continuing to drink it. After about 3-4 times of using it, I started to taste the berry flavor more than the greens. Don’t expect it to taste like super sweet juices, you’d be comparing greens with 0 g of sugar to 50-80 g of sugar and almost no nutritional value, it won’t measure up. I actually look forward to drinking it now (maybe my tastebuds adapted?).I have also noticed that I feel better and a lot less bloated after drinking this, which is something that I had been struggling with lately.I would definitely recommend this. Only took the one star off because the initial taste almost made me not drink it.
    9 people found this helpful
    Kindle Customer
    July 20, 2021
    The best I have found
    I have tried numerous different green powdered drinks and find Cocoon to be the best by far. It blends up easily with just a spoon and to me is definitely the best tasting. I alternate between the chocolate, berry, orange cream and original as they are the only ones that don't contain stevia. That is my only complaint, I wish they would leave the stevia out as to me it ruins it and it is easy to add stevia if you want that flavoring but impossible to eliminate it once it is already there. If you are not used to green drinks it will take awhile to get used to the taste and the chocolate helps a lot with the favor. I find that mixing it in smoothies is a big mistake as it will ruin the smoothie, I just put it in water and down it and enjoy the benefits.
    June 23, 2021
    Just received today so my review is solely on taste and ease of use. I made a smoothie using one scoop, water and added a few grapes and it’s wonderful. Much better than trying to keep different types of greens fresh in your fridge and picking out the wilted parts. This took no time and tastes great. I hope I will feel better after consuming for a month! I suffer with joint pain and fibromyalgia.
    Josiah Cassetti
    June 14, 2021
    Good product. Cures depression, and gives energy
    Great product. Cures sluggishness, and moderate depression in just a few days. The effects are cumulative, so make sure you drink it everyday to get the benifits.It tastes great, at least to me. Easy to put in a water bottle to drink in the car on the way to work.I put 1.5 to 2 scoops into about 10 oz.s of water every day.It works wonders, and at the low price of 20 bucks a jar. It doesn't hit the wallet very hard.I would recommend this to everyone. Rich, poor, fat, skinny, young, or old.It really does work and it's worth the little bit of money for the benifits.Try one container and see if you disagree, as a challenge to this review.
    June 6, 2021
    Tips for better taste & info on actual greens content
    I think this is an awesome product, high quality, and doesn't taste bad at all when mixed into something with more flavor of its own. I enjoy this in a smoothie or in some vanilla yogurt, you can't even tell you're getting your greens in that way. Great for picky eaters in the family! Was just hoping for more convenience of only needing water, not having to make a smoothie or something, but when I discovered how good it is in yogurt, that solved my convenience problem... You can almost always grab a cup of yogurt, even when you're traveling, and have your greens powder portioned out for a quick serving of greens.
    May 19, 2021
    This is very surprising!
    My wife & I have tried several other concoctions that tasted like they'd been made with the scrapings off the underside of a lawn mower. Cocoon Green Powder actually had a very pleasant taste! Though it can be mixed with 'juice or a smoothy' we opted to try it only mixed in water. It was very good!
    11 people found this helpful
    May 2, 2021
    Helped my sister feel better!
    I bought this item to include in a care package for my sister, who has been struggling to afford food. I wanted a supplement with some real nutrients that would last her a while, and hold her over on the days she had nothing to eat. My sister has IBS, so usually, EVERYTHING upsets her intestines. This, however, was a Godsend. She told me she can feel a real difference in herself- more energy and less pain. I can't say whether or not it's the placebo effect, but at this point, we don't care! I'm going to keep buying it for her, and hopefully the good results will keep happening! The taste is not great, according to her, but she has just been putting it straight into water, so I'm sure putting it in smoothies would make it taste better. But again, we don't care as long as the results continue to be so helpful. Thank you Cocoon!
    18 people found this helpful
    April 23, 2021
    best green powder
    this stuff is good. the taste is a little ehh but it's super greens, what do you expect? I drink it in 8oz of water and yes it's better in smoothies but it's just quicker to do it that way. it blends nicely in the water, but somewhat powdery sometimes. you really have to mix and shake it good to get it to dissolve. you get used to the taste. it works best if drank in the morning on an empty stomach. it's helped my bloating and digestive system tremendously  
    L. English
    April 9, 2021
    Try It For A Month - you’ll be back for more!
    This product changed our lives. My husband and I had issues eating the right foods in the right combinations so we both had constipation, fatigue and dry skin issues. We’ve been using amazing grass as directed in a glass of almond milk everyday for 6 months. My hair and nails are growing faster, our digestion has improved, our complexions are clearer. We have energy again!
    Cocoon Customer
    April 4, 2021
    Don't understand the negative ratings
    This stuff is great. I don't understand why some people have complained about the taste. The berry is delicious when mixed in some orange juice. I had horrible eating habits and with a milestone birthday finally decided to change my ways. Started out with fruit smoothies in the morning. Was adding powdered vitamins, mct oil, another protein type product and really didn't feel any effect. Searched amazon for products that would give me energy and be healthy for you. Found this gem and started adding it to my smoothies and the effect was felt within an hour or so. I used to drink straight barley grass years ago and this stuff gives me the same energy but tastes so much better and I like that it packs so much more than just barley grass. It perks me up but doesn't make me jittery like coffee does. My mood has improved, my mental clarity is better, I'm energized and the sugar cravings are going away. Also not a big veggie person so I love that I can get in my greens added to yummy smoothies which I add stevia too to help with my sugar cravings. Been using it for 2 weeks now and getting ready to order 2 larger jars as my wife is starting to drink it in orange juice so we are going through this can pretty quickly. Starting to love this new healthy habit. I definitely recommend this product. It's going to be in my cabinet for a long time. 
    March 24, 2021
    You will get healthier
    After taking this religiously for 30 days (finished the small tub) I have notice some changes. 1 - my digestive system, which was already far above average, is now legendary at everything it does. 2 - I am 24 and still suffered from acne (more than one or two zits at a time) but after a full tub of this my skin just looks and feels much much healthier. I still have a zit or two, but the quality of my skin overall makes me very happy. I usually drink this first thing in the morning and wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before I follow it up with anything for breakfast.
    March 13, 2021
    good for shakes
    My hub is a cancer survivor and has been using Green Powder in a daily shake for the last 5 years. This is the flavor he likes best. We eat really well, but I believe starting his day with Amazing Grass has helped keep him healthy. He mixes it with whey powder, a little aloe gel and and various fresh ingredients in his shake.
    March 5, 2021
    Feel Great!
    When you begin to drink this regularly (I drink an 8 oz glass every morning on an empty stomach), your body will begin to thank you. My digestion is now normal and every time I drink a glass, maybe about 15-30 minutes later, I feel so alive, alert, and rejuvenated.If I'm not in the mood for the grittiness or the flat, "green"/earthy taste, I just mix it in a homemade smoothie.Usually I just have a glass of fresh juice as a chaser when I feel I can't handle the taste and texture.
    The Eel
    February 14, 2021
    Part of my lifestyle change
    I've recently began caring for my health because throughout my 20s I didnt take care of myself at all and when I reached 30 I decided it was time to make a change. My girlfriend had this supplement in her cabinet and said i could try it. I immediately felt a difference in my energy levels and overall well-being. I've been taking it ever since. Even though I dont love the taste of this mixture, I know it is important, so i chug a glass of it mixed with water or orange juice once daily. I have recently started running and lifting regularly and attribute this supplement to not only my overall health but my muscle growth and short recovery time as well. I dont know how much of this is placebo, but it works enough for me to continue using it and it makes me feel better about my health to drink a scoop a day. Just my 2 cents.
    Barbara Peschl
    January 7, 2021
    My method works best I think
    Here's the deal. Forget about taste, this products & all similar products are powerhouses of dense sugar! No false or 'better taste' ingredients bc this isn't about your Jamba Juice banana smoothie. It's about nutrition in a power shot. My method works best I think. Fill a small container or glass 1/2 full with clean, alkaline water. Measure into the glass your powder, shake & refrigerate about 20 minutes. Then SHOOT THE DRINK! This is not a sweet sippin drink and never will be! The slight coolness neutralizes the taste and makes it easier to get down. Leave the fruits out and any other additions. Clean water and done! If necessary have cold drink or water to drink after. Please remember...this isn't about taste-it's about getting the powerful nutrients into your system. Nothing else!
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