Cocoon Super Hero: Retinol Drops
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Cocoon Super Hero: Retinol Drops

(31 customer reviews)


Repairs. Restores. Renews.

Concentrated pure retinol booster drops for complete skin repair.

Active ingredient is Retinol Palmitate – which is a powerful antioxidant, providing anti-aging benefits by boosting collagen production. Promotes skin cell turnover, improves skin tone, helps unclog pores, helps thicken the dermis to slow down the formation of wrinkles.

Retinyl palmitate is the least irritating of all the retinoids, therefore it is great for sensitive skins who cannot take normal retinol products.

Skin Super Hero’s powerful benefits:

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles: improve collagen production, therefore plumping the dermis where wrinkles begin to form.
  • Speeds cell turnover – causing cells on the epidermis to renew
  • Antioxidant – assists with antioxidant protection of the skin.
  • Brightens skin – exfoliation results in smoother, more radiant skin with less discoloration and an overall more even tone.
  • Reduces the size of pores: it will unclog pores and keep them clear, a great product to help for acne treatments.


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Cocoon’s Super Hero Retinol drops is gentle on the skin, without the usual abrasive and irritating nature of a lot of retinols. Not all retinols are the same, Cocoon skincare is using a modified Retinol palmitate, which is a softer and gentler retinol, it doesn’t dry and is not harsh on the skin.

Retinol speeds up cell-turnover to effectively treat signs of aging. Retinol is also effective for resurfacing the skin to target texture-related problems, such as scarring, pigmentation, open pores, and post-acne issues.


Gently twist tab and squeeze contents onto fingertips. Smooth over face and neck and décolletage each night, best before your moisturiser. Avoid eye area. Can be used daily. Always apply sunscreen.

Since retinol has exfoliating properties, avoid combining it with other chemical exfoliants, such as glycolic or salicylic acid, as well as harsh scrubs.


🍃Retinol Palmitate
🍃Natural ingredients


31 reviews for Cocoon Super Hero: Retinol Drops

    October 25, 2021
    Great price for a retinol!
    Love the little capsullette designs. It takes time, but it works.
    shereen sawaresekdawy
    October 18, 2021
    I decided after being tired of overpaying for diluted facial serums to google all the best things to put on my face. The results are very impressive. I started getting lots of compliments fast. No more tired old skin. Feeling positive!
    9 people found this helpful
    October 15, 2021
    Great retinol product, great value!
    I have delicate skin, but I had no irritation or any bad skin reactions from using this product. Instead my skin tone has already shown improvements from using this nightly. Will definitely buy again.
    7 people found this helpful
    fussy old lady
    September 25, 2021
    Works well
    Works well, not fond of the safety cap as it slips in my hands and makes me feel as if it's not secure when I pick it up after its closed. Also it's a pain to open as you have to push down to get the threads to work. No small children here so it's unnecessarily wasteful of my time and effort.That said the product inside seems to work well .
    One person found this helpful
    September 11, 2021
    No irritation
    It is solid white and the first white retinol I had. No irritation for me. No white residue and not sticky on face
    Carole M.
    September 1, 2021
    You can tell immediately by the tingling that this is going to work! I kept it on until going to bed. I had a little irritation on my cheeks. I put on a light night cream & to bed. When I looked at my face the following morning not only did I feel tighter skin, I saw it!! The irritation only lasted the day. Will buy again. People with sensitive skin should do a patch test before application. This is truly amazing!!
    64 people found this helpful
    fussy old lady
    August 13, 2021
    Works well
    Works well, not fond of the safety cap as it slips in my hands and makes me feel as if it's not secure when I pick it up after its closed. Also it's a pain to open as you have to push down to get the threads to work. No small children here so it's unnecessarily wasteful of my time and effort.That said the product inside seems to work well .
    One person found this helpful
    Roseanna Martinez
    August 12, 2021
    Works Great Exactly what I was looking for
    My skin felt softer the next morning. Like any Retinol product it does dry a little bit, its impressive that its just slightly given the concentration of it. Its best if you don't use retinol to start slowly with every few days or once a week then build up. Only thing I will say is that the directions indicate to use 2-3 drops, but it does not spread easily, so I couldn't make those drops spread enough. Also, the dropper didn't work on mine, which I can work around bc I like the product, just annoying. The bottle was smaller than I expected, but you don't have to use it often, so I'm not super worried about it. It clearly lists the volume of the product in the listing, so that was my fault for not really paying enough attention. I'll likely repurchase.
    3 people found this helpful
    July 19, 2021
    Effective serum.
    Effective I like it.
    ann P.
    July 11, 2021
    It works for me@
    It works on my skin for jowls!
    July 5, 2021
    It works
    I have milia on my face, and though I’ve been trying to get rid of it with weaker retinol serum, it wasn’t doing much. This is my second bottle, but I haven’t opened it. Because of the amount I’m using, it will not last a month. But, much of the milia next to my eye is gone as well as that in the lower lid area. Still have some, but don’t expect it to be there when this bottle is almost empty like the first bottle is. So happy with it.Several weeks later, I’m still happy with this product, though I have stubborn milia that won’t go away.
    June 26, 2021
    Great price
    Have used for a month and am very pleased. Excellent price over product I was purchasing from my esthetician. Would purchase again
    June 4, 2021
    4 people found this helpful
    theresa g.
    May 23, 2021
    It works when used correctly and great product for the money.
    I loved the product. It is very strong and only need small amount. It works! Just don't use a lot. Will last very long time. Quit wasting your money on moisture creams that contain retinol. They barely put any in there. This is the real deal.
    May 21, 2021
    It works
    I love how effective serum is. Only wish seller would have bigger bottle
    May 20, 2021
    love this stuff!
    smells like the immortelle line at loccitane which I already use. So this compliments my routine. smells like an upscale spa product , very hydrating and you cant beat the price!
    Day’s Casa
    May 6, 2021
    Great Retinol!
    I've only used this for a week, but I already see a difference in my skin. Only 3 drops a night. Be sure to wear sunscreen while using. Not at all irritating.
    May 4, 2021
    Superior anti aging serum
    Amazing product not available anywhere else. This 8% Retinol serum made the forehead frown lines as well as lines around the eyes (crow's feet) noticeably diminished. This product is superior to 2% Retinol solutions.
    Kim Wojcik
    May 4, 2021
    Results after 4 days
    Order was delivered on the 10th. It’s now the 14th and I already notice a difference in my forehead lines…as in they’re not there now. This stuff is magic.
    April 24, 2021
    Great for acne!
    Used this for acne, as it's soooo much cheaper than prescription. Saw significant difference overnight. severe acne healed in less than a week
    April 7, 2021
    8% great deal but ......
    8% is a strong percentage for the price is definitely a deal not sure if I’m using it right because I use other serums: niacinamide w:zinc, hyaluronicAcid w/collagen&tiger grass, peptides, argon oil, differin, benzoyl peroxide and vitamin c . And I have not seen any skin improvements when it comes to acne acne scars larger pores discoloration or fine lines. Maybe I’m not using the products right or maybe I just need a specialist to tell me what products pair well together or maybe I just need some professional facials to get the results I want.
    April 6, 2021
    My skin looks great
    I use this about 3-4 times a week and it has really improved the look of my skin. It feels firmer and more luminous after 2 weeks of using. It absorbs easily into the skin and I haven't noticed any irritation. I will buy again.
    Randi Y.
    March 17, 2021
    It really works
    I was using 2.5% but it just wasn't doing the job. I decided to try this and I can really see the difference. I am on my second order and still seeing improvement in my skin texture and wrinkles around my mouth.
    March 15, 2021
    great value!
    Love the new size for the same price. I have delicate skin, but I had no irritation or any bad skin reactions from using this product. Instead my skin tone has already shown improvements from using this nightly. Will definitely buy again.
    R. A.
    February 26, 2021
    Can't say anything negative about this product.
    Can't say anything negative about this product. I've been using it as my night serum and my 43-year-old skin is all the better because of it, my skin is smoother, less dry, and more balanced. Also, some hyper-pigmentation seems to be blurring. It's a shame that it's such a small bottle and it runs out quickly. Regardless, I'm getting 2 bottles next. Very happy with this purchase.
    Kelly Stride
    February 17, 2021
    This is a fantastic product, just ordered my second bottle. I was in an accident causing facial damage, I have tried everything with no results, “until now”!!! I can see a definite difference in my skin. I highly recommend this fabulous product!!! ♥️
    Karen Fable
    February 13, 2021
    High % of retinol
    Serum is light weight, easy to apply, good coverage. After using only using a few weeks a dark spot is noticeably fading. This is the highest % product I could find. Looking forward to marked improvement with continued use.
    February 12, 2021
    Saw a huge difference after one use. I put it on my face at night after I wash my face when it is slighting damp still. I pat it around my crows feet, frown lines and forehead.Brighten and tightens. My hyperpigmentation around my jawline and forehead on one side is very bad due to a bad burn on my face and this Retinol Serum made it diminish in about two weeks.A must try if you are looking for a Retinol Serum!!!!Will always order this product and keep it on hand!
    Gary S. Rotella
    February 11, 2021
    Great Retinol!
    LaClaire 8% Retinol Works! I am on my 2nt bottle & has really reduced my forehead & crow feet wrinkles! What can I say, it has worked for me!
    Terra Rap
    February 4, 2021
    I noticed reduction in acne scars. Fine lines were a little less noticeable. Skin feels smooth next morning.
    January 10, 2021
    Amazing amazing product
    I was a bit skeptical to buy this as so many other similar-type products were worthless. This product has proven to diminish even my deeper set side forehead wrinkles as well as the “11” between my brows. It has also remarkably helped my crow's feet and also my under-eye area. I also apply this to my throat area in upwards motions. I apply it twice a day morning and night on a clean face. I have had more compliments on my appearance, especially from those who know me and see me often. The difference has been very noticeable. For a man, my age of 55 I look darn good only drawback is that the amount you receive is very sparse so be judicious when applying. One dropper on the back of your hand and apply to the face with your ring finger is all you will need. Follow with a nice mattifying moisturizer. You can’t go wrong and you will love this product! (No one paid me to say any of this by the way- this is all first-hand experience. )
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