Gold Copper Dry Body Brush
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Gold Copper Dry Body Brush

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Experience silky smooth, shinier and gorgeous skin texture – each and every day! Cocoon’s Gold Copper Dry Body Brush gently lifts away the dead skin cells, improving circulation, oxygen and lymphatic flow, to reveal glowing and and renewed skin. This is your daily detox essential tool. Made with natural bristles and copper.

Gold Copper Body Brush

Dry body brushing is one of the best ways to achieve smooth and gorgeous skin all year round. Daily exfoliation not only enhances the skin, but also improves circulation, oxygen flow and lymphatic drainage that results in healthier skin inside out.

Why You’ll Love this: Be holiday ready – each and every day! Cocoon’s unique copper dry brush gently sloughs away any flaky, dehydrated and dead skin – revealing skin that feels  beautifully refined and renewed. Cocoon’s natural bristle body brush is made of copper that is proven to counteract the damaging physical effects from technology, releasing electrical ions to create a neutralising effect.

Key Benefits 
Daily natural exfoliator.
Made with superior materials – natural bristle brush and copper!
Improves skin tone.
Lymphatic Drainage.

How often can I use Cocoon’s Gold Copper Dry Beauty Brush? 
Daily. Use every morning before or during showering. Start at the feet and sweep in upward motions towards the heart. Apply Cocoon’s skin superfood or Slim + Shape Moisturiser to enhance your glow.

How it Works: The natural bristle gently lifts away dead skin cells to reveal brand new skin! The massage movements also boosts lymphatic flow through the skin that in turn helps to move toxins through the skin.


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